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What is a Wetroom Shower Tray & do I need one?

  • ProWarm™ shower trays are manufactured from high density extruded polystyrene, they have a closed cell structure, which means that the water will not be able to penetrate through the tray. They have a hard wearing robust surface that’s perfect for the application of tiles. The ProWarm™ trays have an inbuilt fall gradient that slopes towards the drain.

    If the grout fails or cracks on unprotected timber floors this can lead to tiles lifting as the water seeps through and will cause the timber floor to swell or warp. The ProWarm™ shower tray eliminates this problem by allowing you to create a fully waterproofed floor.

    We offer a 20mm thick ProWarm™ shower tray complete with drain or a 30mm thick option with the choice of square & linear drains.

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